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CB Eduvents' publications attempt to restore the lost legacy of some of the greatest jurists of our times. With editorial members comprising of academicians graduating or graduated from the top tier Law Universities of India, our publications attempt to rekindle the debate about the rejuvenation of legal fabric in the World. 

Bearing the idea that law and social sciences need to change with the change in the society and social fabric of the world, this is a humble attempt that intends to reinstate the lost atmosphere of legal research and progress across the globe. We at CB Eduvents are committed to providing unique and groundbreaking research in the said fields, and solicit your humble cooperation for the same.


International Journal of Legal Research

Indexed With Manupatra

ISSN- 2349-8463


Legal Mirror

ISSN- 2454-6216


International Journal of Socio-Legal Research

ISSN- 2393-8250


International Journal for Research in Law

ISSN- 2454-8715


Legal Messenger

ISSN- 2456-117X