CB Eduvents

About Us

CB Eduvents is an initiative of CB Educational Services LLP (Incorporated in 2019 under the LLP Act, 2008 with Identification number AAP-8551) dedicated to promoting education and institutional cooperation globally.

Through the organisation of different innovative events, it aims at bringing together, individuals, educational institutions, and organisations from across the globe for a meaningful discussion and deliberation.

Our mission is to promote and provide an avenue to various institutions and individuals devoted to research in multiple fields through facilitation of relevant forums like lectures, speeches, social camps, debates, group discussions, interactive sessions, round tables, conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums and other such for information exchange and training. We also aim to create and disseminate knowledge in form of multidisciplinary magazines, newspapers, periodicals, blogs, news reports, conference proceedings, commentaries, manuals, digests, compendiums, souvenirs, journals etc. to exert an influence on public policy.

CB Eduvents believes that this can be achieved through an international liaison and therefore promotes a buildout of closer connections among educational institutions and individuals globally.

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